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August 4, 2008




Journal Entry: Mon Aug 4, 2008, 8:32 PM

Please read all the Rules before applying.

This is a comics-only competition. There is no limit on the amount/size of the pages. Color or non colored, that is up to you.

Two characters max per person. You may enter 1 or a tag team of two characters.

Original Characters only!  

You may enter your own crew, rather then joining one of the existing factions, however, only two of those crew will be considered “fighting” characters. The rest will be NPC who further the plot/fill the background.

No magic. This is a steam punk influenced world. Technology and BASIC alchemy has been developed, but magic has not.

Different species are allowed, as long as they comply with the rule above. Elves can apply but they had no magic. Wings are possible, however, be warned that those trying to dominate the sky will have no problem shooting down freelancers. That is why even winged creatures need to join a faction/crew.

Weapons of all sorts are allowed as long as  they are plausible within the steam punk universe. No laser technology.

You must profile a profile sheet of your characters (if making your own crew, then you only need to make it for the “fighting” ones)

Also you need to provide an intro comic that shows your characters somehow getting aboard either Genesis’s or Gimmick’s ships in one way or another and asking them or their first mates to join. Will you launch yourself from a giant catapult into their ship or sneak aboard with their food supplies. That is up to you.

If you are  going to have your own crew, then you need to create a comic of them getting into the skies in their own craft OR explaining how they came to be in the skies, who they are, what they are doing up there.

If you choose to design your own crew, you can provide a reference picture of their makeshift ship, but it is not mandatory.  We welcome you to have fun and design your own skimmers, just remember, keep it steam punk.

Which side you choose to align yourself with, or if you choose to make your own crew will not effect your chances of getting in. We are prepared to have uneven alliances and wildcards and are prepared to handle it. Join whoever you feel you will have the most fun with!

Additional tip: Parachutes are good.

Once the applications have been sorted through, you will be paired off against another sky hell raiser in random scenarios that we  will arrange for you. You may be sent off to steal Gimmick’s stash of bananas or told to defend them with your life. At which point you will have to draw  your character defeating your opponent at your scenario.

Failure to get your entry in before the allotted time and date will result in automatic disqualification, victory going automatically to your opponent.

Each round will be judge by a panel of judges, which will feature guest judges each round, in at attempt to keep things as fair as possible.

Remember: We are pirates, not assassins. We maim, pillage and destroy but we try not to kill. Killing is messy.  Death is so disorderly, even us of loose morals frown upon it. Greatly.

However, should you and your opponent agree to a fight to the very finish, such an arrangement must be decided before the submission of your match, and both of you must send a note to this account stating that you are both in agreement.

We will be opening for applications to join on Aug 15th and will be accepting them until Sept 15th, 11:59PM.  

Out of all the applicants we get, we will narrow it down to 32 lucky sky scallywags to begin the first round.  

Have fun and good luck!

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Steampunk, Clockwork City and You
How to Audition
Stamp III by Rogue-SkiesStamp I by Rogue-SkiesStamp II by Rogue-SkiesGimmick Stamp by Liamous
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Inshue Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2008
Would we be able to switch off fighting characters? As in, only have two from the crew fighting at a time, but change the two for each battle?
Rogue-Skies Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2008
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to say no. For simplicity sake, we're going to leave the fighters the same for all rounds. The Crew are simply background NPCs that you can use to forward/enhance your fighters backstory/plot.
Inshue Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2008
sinpumpkin Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
i didn't draw the people of my crew, but I drew a comic explaining my crew,(the comic you got yesterday). do I still need to draw my crew?
Rogue-Skies Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2008
To enter you only need to supply an intro comic and a ref sheet for your fighter. A reference sheet of your crew is optional but, should you get in, I imagine that it would be useful for whoever happens to be your opponent. That said, it is not mandatory.
sinpumpkin Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2008
thank you! having that said, I look forward to flying about in the ROGUE-SKIES
shazmatthews Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008
I hate admitting my own faults, but I was worried I'd have to create my own crew and ship. I haven't the mental capacity to do it right now....but then I hear you say...have your character join one of our factions? :)

So it would be a case of, say in a round, MY character would face off against a competitor in the OTHER team faction, and which ever faction scores the most points, dominate the skies?

Sorry for asking noobish questions, if this happens to be one. :p
Rogue-Skies Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008
Yes, indeed! You can have your character(s) join one of the NPC crews. You just have to provie in your audition comic how they came to be on the airship/how they joined the faction.

And yes, exactly right. Your character would be matched up against someone on either the other faction, or a freelancer. However, it is not which team scores the most victories, it is the person who lasts through every round that will be declared the winner for their crew. So it is set up like a normal OCT. (:

And don't worry about it! Hope that clears everything up for you!
Nightiingale Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008  Student Digital Artist
umm..I have a question about the fight.

Lets say Bob and his little creation fight Jane and her little creation.

They both make up their own two commics.

They both want to win.

And one has to lose.

How do you decide who is the winner and who is the loser of that fight?

Is it the best scenario wins? Who draws the better picture? Who is the most creative and original? Who is the most true to the steam-pink genre and to their own character?

Sorry for asking so many questions :D.
Rogue-Skies Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008
Well, the basic scenario behind each fight will be provided by the hosts. The entries will be judged a bit on art, but mostly it will be on creativity, originality, the way you handle your character and your opponent's, and story!

Based on this, the entries will be judged by a panel, and the side with the most votes advances to the next round.

And no problem! ^^
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